5 Steps to Achieving Simple and Cozy Home…


As a designer I have been in hundreds of homes and they all have one thing in common.

They all want to feel cozy…no matter the style!

So how do you achieve this?

1.  Touch of nature…REAL nature not plastic or silk plants and trees.

Besides working with preserved greens and trees which are real and maintenance free. That touch of nature can come from organic elements such exposed mineral rocks-pieces of agate.  Bowl of coral and or shells, branches-limbs in a vase.

2.  Furniture variety…don’t have the room look like a cookie cutter showroom feel.  The matchy-matchy (grrr-animals approach) or burbs beige look (safe approach).  Try to think out-of-the-box and have that element of surprise for your interiors.  This is very difficult especially for those that need to have uniformed and symmetrical look.  But having an unexpected furniture element in the room creates interest.  A great example of this …is possibly throwing a fabulous cool bubble chair in the corner of a room!

BUBBLE CHAIR3.  Texture…The most important element in decorating!  Add texture on the walls with paint, paper, or applied element-such as wood veneer.  Throws, pillows and rugs with deep texture that just begs to have someone reach out and touch it.

 4.  Multiple Sources of light…very important to use indirect light on tables and not overhead light.  Because it is that soft light that creates the mood for the room.

5.  Ambiance…create vignettes that beg to want you to curl and read a book. Whether it is a fabulous window seat or a corner of a room, with an over sized chair with candles in vessel to be lit when sitting to read your favorite book.

This is the character that creates a great home.Cozy1

A home should be like a good book…it should unfold slowly with every turn of a corner.


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