Madonna Badger…










Madonna Badger, lost her 3 children and parents in a house fire on Christmas Day 2012.  Her story will open your eyes to what we all need to do in our lives to find forgiveness, compassion, LOVE and most of all… EXCEPT all situations and others no matter the story.



What is the TRUTH:

I don’t have to like…what I have to accept!  I just have to accept it!

Madonna Badger

This women has experienced unimaginable loss, she could have been bitter and enraged with anger turning it on other people and the world; drowning herself in every addiction possible.  But instead…she stayed OPEN.  Dealt with the pain…because she felt that was the only thing that she could do, to still stay open and present to the LOVE that could come through and “into” her life in the future.

UNBELIEVABLE!  Madonna you are one remarkable woman…I’m proud to know and be aware of your story.  Most of all knowing that you have found peace and realize the true meaning of LOVE which is acceptance, not receiving.




“Hate doesn’t take you to all the beautiful places…that LOVE does!”

Madonna Badger

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