Style…discover yours today!

Steps to Style Savvy…STYLE

In today’s fast paced go get’em lifestyle drive…we all need to have a little edge and dressing “safe” or like everyone else is not an edge!

Here are some steps to simplify and create your own style direction:

1.  Avoid buying clothes just because of  the label -aka- this is very popular or this label is what everybody else wearing!  WRONG!

2.  Avoid clothes that wear you!  What?  Yes if  it look’s like you drowning in your clothes, or that your clothes look ill fitted then your clothes are wearing you!  You must always look like your clothes compliment you!  They see you then they see your clothes second!

3.  The best of the style mavens-mix and match.  A true style maven never likes to wear all of one designer or label.  Select your pieces carefully and with forethought knowing how they will intermix!  Always put your own twist on things-perhaps even create a signature element!

4.  Accessorize not ANCHOR!  Yep!  You read that right!  So many either under use or over use accessories.

Most important element is your size-not dress size but your stature.  If your petite and tiny, then yes smaller elements are good…but so is large! You just need to watch the amount pieces that you put on and the scale.

Everything takes time to learn what works right.  I have known people in the past who become very rigid on what they feel is RIGHT…and what they feel looks good on them, but that is not always correct.   So, try to be open to experiment you never know what you might discover by being open to different looks.

5.  Can’t sew…find a good tailor!  Everything is about fitting right!

Trends come and go…find your own true STYLE…because your best attribute is CONFIDENCE no matter what you are wearing!

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