Confessions of a Decorator…

Decorator's Serets

Inside the decorator’s secrets vault this week…CLIENTS!

Yes…people you are front and center and being called out on your actions.  When you have a designer working with you, try to stop thinking that this is a battle for control.  Yes…of course we as designers would love to take the reigns and design you a fabulous room…and no that can’t happen for $100.00.  Okay…a little extreme…but you get the point.

Our job is to put together the best looking room for the amount that is available to create it.  But let’s be a little realistic and remember that a custom room needs to have a minimum of $15,000 to $20K.   Remember key word here is CUSTOM.

Yes you can go to secondary market furniture stores and get a great room completed but…that room will reflect the amount of time and money that you put into it…period!

Things Designers Hear Daily:

When will my sofa be delivered ( two weeks after ordering)?  When they are told at the time of purchasing it takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

But I don’t want to pay that much!   We’re thinking…okay then select something else then! No one’s forcing you to pay that.  When really they just want you to give it to them for less…like half off.

My husband doesn’t like it…who are you kidding do you really think we believe that one!

I can’t afford that!  As they get into their $75,000.00 car!

Or of course my favorite that somehow when a designer comes in to assist you on creating a room that your free will goes out the window and and somehow you will be forced to select bad things for a room…and will be forced to pay for elements that have 6 digits attached.  The answer of course is NO!  We select pretty things then you decide if you would like buy them.  The End!


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