Plays Well With Others…

Miss mann5

Times have changed we no longer have very simplistic interactions with people. Today’s journeys are complicated; people wear their emotions and expressions much more obviously than ever.  

If  there not shared to your face…then it is definitely will be talked about behind your back…not a question…but a fact.

The days of Miss Manner’s, Dear Abbey, Dale Carnegie and any other old school relationship “expert” ARE GONE!  Today you need to have Teflon skin, a strong sense of self, patience and a nice smile.  The smile factor will never change that is the number one thing you must do in all situations.

Because your living your LIFE NOW…not when you obtain that certain element (insert your favorite noun here…person, place or thing)-you need to wake-up!  Wake-up to the reality of your choices.  Yes it is that simple. Your LIFE is all about your choices…so choose to be more aware of:

Your Applied Intention’s Toward Others
Take Responsibility-50% of all interactions with others is
     your responsibility. 
Reactions-This is a tough one (total non-reaction is your goal).
No matter what happens in life-keep going.
You have nothing to PROVE to others!  So stop trying!
STOP the snarkiness and judgement on others.
STOP demeaning other people’s journeys to make yourself feel superior!
Whether you choose to apply the above or not!  No matter what occurs or what is considered “just the times we live in”.  Let’s just at least remember our PLEASE and THANK YOU’s.  That is the least you can do during these times when manners are as popular as a hand stamped, hand written thank you note.
Triple x, Triple o,
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