Forgiveness is a gift for yourself…




While friend’s  might have hurt you, the smart move is to get distance.  Taking action is hard, but it’s for your own health and peace of mind to put distance between you both.

Now for the hard part, which is removing the pain that your friend’s carelessness left behind. Know that we all deal with repercussions for our actions in different ways. Your friend losing you as a part of their life was a big consequence of their behavior.

Also, we all make mistakes, and even when we don’t want to admit it, we learn from them. Some of us have to make the same mistake over and over before it sinks in. That might be the position your friend is in right now.

Most of all, forgiveness is a gift for you. It doesn’t mean your friend was right to hurt you, but instead allows you to stop thinking about them and focus on your own life and happiness. You might not feel the love you once felt for your friend, but you don’t need to hate them anymore, either. In time, you will feel genuine affection for your friend, even if you still prefer not to have them in your life.


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