Critic’s vs. Fan’s…


I find the human spirit fascinating!  Basically we are all looking to just co-exist in the world.

We all carry around unique and varied perspectives on what “we” feel is acceptable behavior. I feel that we really do try to co-exist on one level. Then as you start to create true avenues of union and bonds; that is where the road may start to turn.  Instead of allowing and being open to what others choose.  Some of  the general public fights to see conformity and guidelines set by their standard.  Not realizing that those “ideal’s” are set by their ego! Ego is a selfish and self-centered view of the world easily explained in the image posted.  What I will always struggle with are those that “LOVE” to be negative Nancy’s or the Nancy Grace’s of the world.  Keep your opinion to yourself…nobody cares.  Bullies always suffer alone…emails go unopened…DELETE!

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One thought on “Critic’s vs. Fan’s…

  1. Tracey says:

    Haters are lonely people!!


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