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Like everything in life, things evolve from the need for convenience.  This newest direction has been an ongoing and a building trend for a while now. That need is for a instant decorator, or decorator on call.  This service is commonly being called e-design/skype design.

E-design, I feel is mandatory for all design companies ( large and small) today.  Me, I prefer the fast lane when it comes to e-design.  No pretty pictures or Pantone selection’s placed on the neatly organized board.  Simply email me, text-me, or skype…and let’s create.

Above you will see a recent sample of work that I have done, in fact my e-design is global, and I can help anyone from any corner of the world.

First my client placed paper on the ground trying to create a proper arrangement for some artwork that she wanted to hang.  She then sent the pic to me.  After several emails..maybe 5 we were FINI!  End results are in the bottom picture.  If you notice…the main bone of contention was the thermostat.  The “before” shot is making it the focus, the “after” takes your eye away from the thermostat.  As you can see in the “after”  instead now you focus on the incredible artwork.

Do you have a major design question?  Well then email me today at: simplandcozylifestyle@aol.com



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One thought on “E-Design…

  1. M H says:

    Gail has provided E stylistic design for me several times. She had me re-position the individual paper prototypes several times before integrating them into the gallery photo wall. As I collect additional photos created by the photographer artist, Ramsey Hoyda, the pattern is designed to welcome then into the collage.


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