For you visual junkies out there…


The Foyer…how it changes…AMAZING!



If you have not seen this movie…put it on your list.  Not for the content…but for the set design!!! OMG! It was the first time I ever googled a movie to see who the set designer was.  The production designer was Richard Sherman, furniture was designed by Rick Owens who is a fashion designer in Paris.

This visual lengths they went to create this film was HUGE!  The foyer of the home actually changes color and design direction with the main characters mood!  So please put it on your list, for at least for the visual festivities of it all; the teen angst drama and story line are just okay!  My all time favorite aspects of the movie was of course the foyer changing colors, to the dining room and how the dressers finished it to the last detail…the colors are MAJOR!  And finally the secret hidden room in the  Library…but you watch it…and let me know what you think.  ENJOY!

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