Stop wasting money!

Primrose Oil
If you have not discovered the complete joy and benefits of using essential fatty acid oils!  Then you have not discovered the greatest beauty indulgence EVER!  Using the Queen or Queen’s  of all oils, Evening Primrose and Borage is one of my biggest obsessions.

Yes, your skin can be feed topically…and no, the products that you buy from ANY store, department or drug that claim to be natural are usually not; they can be loaded with chemicals.  Though with in the last 20 years the major beauty lines know that the consumer is demanding more cleaner products.  They just don’t want you to know the basics that are needed…because then you would not need them.  So, please start using it at least as an eye treatment at night.  Cut a capsule, or pour a little out a bottle and lightly dab around eye area.  Then if you are feeling really courageous: after washing your skin at night use all over your face as a total skin nourishment.  In this case, you truly will be nourishing your skin.  If you do not like the oily feel, try to get over it.  Because what it is doing to your skin is amaze-balls.  But..if you still don’t like it.  After washing, leave skin dripping with water and then rub oil on skin.  This way when you blot towel dry you will lift up some of the oil…but the water will act as a carrier agent to carry oil deeper and faster too!  So, stop wasting money on products that really don’t work…or only work temporary, and jump in the luxurious beauty pool of  essential fatty acid oils!

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