Designer’s Secrets…

Top Secret


Would you like to know a secret?  How about a several?  Well from time to time I will blog about how to always have those proper finishing touches to a room that makes it look properly finished…aka a Designer’s Touch.  I say “touch” because personally being a designer, I have ‘little desire for those home’s that look like you need to have a concierge desk in the entry hall (hotel).  Or perhaps velvet roping dividing sections of a home giving it a “museum” like feel.  Either way…how ever you choose to design, I will help you to take it to the next level.

  • Rooms need details…even in the paint…no not dated decorative finishes.  Place trim moldings in artfully designed boxes on doors and walls!Trim Moldings

Now…if budget does not call for it then…just use paint!  Paint… you say…that’s crazy talk.  How?

  • Easy…paint the wall white…then place blue painter’s tape where you would normally have placed the trim moldings.  Or for a tone on tone affect, first paint the wall with a deeper shade of the color that you have already selected.  Tape off areas you desire to have the “trim” look.  Then simply roll the color over tape and within a short time  remove paint tape…voila!  A budget trim that looks FABULOUS.  For those wanting a more contemporary look, simply place tape in 2 1/2 to 3 inch wide sections.  Make sure to use something to secure edges of tape, so paint does not penetrate under the tape…very frustrating when that happens.  If it does then simply hand touch up with appropriate color.  This is also great for those who want a “crown molding effect” on ceiling…but don’t have the bucks to create it! Just repeat the steps above, but obviously tape off 3 to 4″ from ceiling line, on the wall and the ceiling.

More Designer inside  Secrets to come…stay tuned!

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