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You know what I LOVE about Pinterest!  Everything…besides the beautiful pics and how they inspire: because obviously that is why it is such a huge success.  It provides a glimpse into people lives and desires and SO MUCH MORE!  It is like magazines, mega malls, and bad reality TV shows all rolled up into one.  How fabulous is that?

When I was in college one of my first directions for a possible major was going to be in art therapy.  For the number one reason, is that I LOVE to know what drives people or in some cases what doesn’t drive them.  Not like a marketing driven-purchase kind of way!  More like…why do you like that?  Why did you choose that?  Why is that important to you?  What need does it fill?  When we were young we desired to be “popular” or be the “prettiest”.  When were older, “success” and “wealth” will drive many.

What I think is so fascinating about this whole concept of the “drive” is the diversity of people’s reality.  It is so multidimensional or layered; layered, that is the perfect word.  We all have incredible and varied stories in life, from extremes of wealth to extremes of poverty.  Health, wealth, intelligence, talent, social awareness, political views…and so on.  But I would like to think that no matter what our story is, that we all need and want to find PASSION and to have CLARITY!  Perhaps even learn to let go of fears all while being more engaged and courageous as we go through life.

My desire in life is not be ordinary nor extraordinary.  But to find complete comfort and acceptance in what I say and do…period!  I have just gone through and still going through a HUGE pivotal shift in my life.  Moments, and I mean moments of questioning, doubting and simply just shaking my head.  But I have tried to always carry on, even at times struggling with the vulnerability.  But also understanding that this does not define me.  But it also doesn’t mean I want to go around and have everyone know my story,  I have needed to engage to the extremes in the past.  Now I’m pretty much…listening!  Listening to what others are saying, I know my voice and it’s strength of courage, I don’t need to prove it anymore.

So with that said…do what you want in life, decorating, clothing…never feel the you have to defend your choices simply declare it!  That’s what I choose..that’s what I want.  In a perfect world people would be accountable for their actions.  But it is not a perfect world.  So carry a great shade of lipstick, rock your flock, and let others have their “hate”.   Others will always defend their own perspective and have their judgement.  You are to simply to” be” and walk in the opposite direction when you are not feeling supported, understood and most of all accepted.  You are always, ENOUGH!


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