Confessions of a Decorator…

Neut-Vintage Neut-Modern

No matter your desire of color and even no color in your environment.  The most important thing is that your home (sanctuary) reflects YOUR own taste and style.  For those now saying…”well of course it is MY taste!  Who’s else would it be”?  Well folks…I have been a home stylist/designer for many years, I have seen many a home.   We all pull together certain look’s in our homes for a reason and those reasons are not always a style that we personally would like or dream of.  The following are reasons we design the way we do:

1.  Budget

2.  What will the neighbors think?

3.  My spouse will not like that!

4.  Yeah… but not with kids!

These are all very valid reasons and needs that we must include when pulling a room together.  But…no matter what… you have to remember to pick up and get rid of your crap!  Yep I said it, I originally had a list of the top 5 steps for a better over all look.  But frankly it all comes down to… nice chair… nice sofa…whats with the stacks of papers and yesterday’s mail.  Not to mention all the other “stuff”  all around.  So simply stated that it is not always about what the designer/decorator/stylist says, that needs to be changed, re-place or purchased.  Sometimes you just need a very large garbage can.  The end!

I’m still finding the direction of what I want to blog on.  Yes my passions are in the obvious area of decor/trends/lifestyle arena.  In doing my research on what the blogging experts have said, it is to make sure you are being true to your own word and beliefs.  So as I have shared with you about selecting a design direction for your home.  I’ve too, have started out by going through a lot of blogs to see whats good and whats bad.  To throw the garbage out, so to speak, and find the right direction for this blog.  So many “experts” say the same thing over and over again.  5 Steps to a Brand NEW Living Space, How to Make-Over any Room in 10 Steps.   Let’s face it…yes helpful…problem….follow through.  Pinterest is fabulous.  If you have not discovered it…HELLO!  It is for us visual addicts to get a cheap fix.

So there is my dilemma…the desire to be unique among so many bloggers putting out the same old “stuff” with a pin attached.  So…the clay is on the table and I’m working with it slowly to see what will take shape with time.  Stay tuned!

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